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We have the best Disaster Survival Kits for sale and  Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Supplies for home, car, school and work. From our 72 hour Emergency Family Kit for a family of four, to our Car Emergency Survival Kit, to our "Real" First Aid Kit. We pack all of our kits with professional grade first aid supplies. We have been in the disaster preparedness business for over 20 years. As a disaster preparedness expert and disaster survival trainer and retired professional firefighter we have designed kits to handle real emergencies.

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Reasons to Buy our Disaster Survival Kits 

Becuase we have the real world experience and background that enables us to share with you what works and what doesn't. That comes from being in the disaster preparedness business since 1991 and having over 34 years in the fire service responding to all types of emergencies including first aid. We are celebrating our 24th year of training and preparing schools and businesses and homes with the best emergency kits and disaster supplies. We pack our own kits with American made Food & Water and pack them on site at our warehouse in Palm Desert, CA. They are not imported from overseas. As a recently retired professional firefighter, veteran fire captain Wayne Bennett the owner, has used a good portion of the disaster supplies we sell in real world situations. Wayne is also a disaster preparedness expert and has trained over 100,000 people in his one-day "Disaster Survival Skills" workshops. Wayne is also a FEMA CERT instructor and has been for over 15 years. As a CPR and First Aid instructor he insists on using only high quality first aid supplies for his customers.Disaster Survival Kits for Sale

We have also created a Disaster Preparedness Checklist to help you plan. Without priorities or guidelines, it is impossible to create goals or an effective plan for preparedness. With limited budgets, Emergency or Disaster preparedness purchases must often be prioritized and spread out over time. Our Disaster Supply guidelines allow you to do just that, evaluate your current situation and then prioritize. The Disaster Supply checklist was created so families, schools and businesses could measure their level of emergency preparedness. Take advantage of our Disaster First Aid Supply Guidelines for School and Business below to create some realistic numbers for your site.

In a disaster or emergency, food and water can wait, injuries won't. The priority will always be first aid for your family, school children or your co-workers. We have created Disaster Survival Kits with the same first aid supplies that fire department professionals carry. We also created the Disaster Preparedness Checklist for School and business  which is suggested for every 150 persons at your site.  After analyzing what injuries you could expect in an emergency, we developed a list of practical first aid supplies in quantities that will allow you to treat the expected number of injured victims that a large emergency may create. Remember, the disaster supplies should match the level of training of the rescuer.

Be very cautious of companies trying to sell you First Aid or Emergency kits that contain products that have been out of first aid protocol for over 5 years. The following, is a list of those items: Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Ammonia Inhalants, Butterfly bandages, Syrup of Ipecac. Here is why. Peroxide increases bacteria growth, damages tissue, slows healing. Alcohol damages tissue. Ammonia Inhalants can cause allergic reactions, difficulty breathing. Butterfly bandages can close in the bacteria to increase infection. Syrup of Ipecac induces vomiting which can be aspirated into the lungs.

Have you ever had a first aid emergency and run to your kit to discover you only really have a boo-boo and owie kit, one with only band-aids and some alcohol wipes. Not much help in a real emergency or disaster with serious injuries. But unfortunately that's what most emergency kits are made of. We saw the need for a real world approach to first aid kits that wasn't limited to treating only minor injuries.

We created first and best "Real" First Aid Kit over twenty years ago to help you survive life threatening situations. You should be able to handle CPR, Severe Bleeding, Shock, Fractured Limbs and Burns with your first aid kit. So we put CPR mouth barrier, trauma dressings, thermal blanket, cardboard splint and a burn gel dressing. You never know when a disaster such as an earthquake will strike, having a "Real" first aid kit could make the difference between life and death.

Are you ready to stop leaving your survival up to a box of band-aids? Get prepared with our Disaster Survival Kits today!

We are asked all the time which products are made in the USA. So I am listing all the products I know to be American Made, some are for sale in our Disaster Survival Kits;

  • Burn Gel Dressings 
  • CPR Mouth Barriers
  • Food Bars
  • Life Lite Stretchers
  • Light sticks
  • Long Term Food Storage
  • On Duty 4 in 1 Tool
  • Stove in a Can
  • Water Barrels
  • Water Bottle Filter
  • Water Pouches
  • Water Preserver
  • Water Purification Tablets


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