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Car Window Breaker

July 13th, 2015 Post a Comment

After almost 3 decades of responding to car accidents as a professional firefighter, I can tell there is one tool I won’t travel without. That tool is the Car Window Breaker. I have seen to many people trapped behind jammed doors and unable to roll down windows due to damage in the doors or even the battery being damaged from the car accident.

With air bags exploding and filling the cabin with toxic smoke and dust, breathing becomes a challenge.

A solution to the problem is an emergency car window breaker. This bright orange rescue tool has a tempered steel tip which easily shatters tempered glass windows in your vehicle. One tap and your now breathing fresh air and on your way to getting out.

It even comes with a seat belt cutter in the event your belt becomes stuck. Just slice threw it like butter with protected razor sharp blade. Read More…

HAINES Recovery Position

July 8th, 2015 Post a Comment

The HAINES (High Arm IN Endangered Spine) recovery position is definitely a skill everyone should have in their first aid arsenal. It not only makes a victims situation better, but it can save lives. When concerned about neck or spinal injuries always place the left arm under the head for support.

This skill solves so many problems and prevents several potentially deadly ones. And it simply involves placing your victim on their left side.

So, if your victim is unconscious or unresponsive and is lying on their back, here is a list of the potential problems or complications that the Recovery Position can solve.

1. If they are unconscious, but they are breathing, they are at risk of the tongue relaxing and falling back and blocking their airway. Since the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body for its size, it’s muscularity makes the tongue very heavy, if the tongue goes limp, that weight could cause the tongue to fall back and block the wind pipe. Read More…

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