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Incident Command Post Kit & Triage Package

(12 customer reviews)


A realistic and practical solution for mass-casualty disasters.

This Incident Command Post Kit with Triage Package comes in a wheeled duffle bag to enable you to quickly set up and establish your Command Post. It includes supplies for the Incident Commander (who in-charge for the overall operation of your disaster response plan) and 4 Group Supervisors who report to the Incident Commander ([1] Medical, [2] Search & Rescue, [3] Assembly, [4] Family Re-Unification). We’ve also included the Triage Package for your Triage Team.

1 Incident Command Post Kit with Triage Package is recommended for every site.

We highly recommend that you also get Disaster First Aid Kits and Stretchers. Immediate care and treatment of injuries is the top priority in a mass-casualty disaster.

Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.


This very mobile 37 piece Incident Command and Triage package comes in a wheeled duffle bag to enable you to quickly set up and establish Command. Just add your own site maps, forms and you will be up and running.

Set up your Triage area quickly and outfit your disaster teams with vests, triage tags, triage tarps, triage forms and triage guide. To complete your first aid response, consider our Disaster First Aid Kit below.

The kit also include your Command Post set-up. Comes with Command Post Barricade Tape to define your space and Vests for identification of the Incident Commander. With the Bull Horn included you are ready to take charge of your disaster.

Tip Set up your Command Post away from your first aid areas and other high traffic areas. The Incident Commander must be accessible to his/her team but, isolated enough to focus and not become overwhelmed.

Triage and Incident Command Kit Contents:

  • Command Post Barricade Tape
  • Public Information Barricade Tape
  • Staging Area Barricade Tape
  • 4-Vests
  • 4-Ponchos
  • 4-Clipboards
  • 4-Golf Pencils
  • 2-Commander Walkie-Talkies
  • Bull Horn
  • FM-Weather-Shortwave Radio with Light
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Guide
  • Incident Command and Triage Book
  • 4-Triage Tarps
  • 4-Light Sticks 12 hr.
  • 40-pages of Triage Forms for patient evaluation, body identification, injury assessment with triage instructions.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs

12 reviews for Incident Command Post Kit & Triage Package

  1. DJ Andrew

    Bag seems sturdy and the contents are very well-organized and carefully wrapped. We hope we don’t have to use this anytime soon but I feel confident it will serve if its purpose if/when needed.

  2. Peter Khun

    Very good product, very complete incident command post bag, very convenient to distribute to group leaders! If you’re still thinking what to buy for your school, use their school calculator – it’s very easy to understand.

    Thanks for putting all of these together!

  3. Marlou Hail

    Came as described. Complete. Nice sturdy kit. We’ll be using this for our next earthquake drill.

  4. Divina

    Wayne’s calculator was very helpful in deciding where to spend our budget! Thank you! Ordered our IC Post Kit today and Disaster First Aid Kits.

  5. Vina Estrella

    Hi Captain Wayne! Thank you so much for your amazing training, and for assisting us with maximizing our budget for our preparedness.

    I highly recommend this for all preschools and k-12 schools. Use the calculator first or call Wayne, they are very approachable and fun to talk with! Thank you!

  6. Nancy Kobler

    I am very impressed with the calculator report you send us to our school. We’ve ordered this last week and came on time. The contents are perfectly packed, very sturdy bag.

    Thank you for all the efforts you put into this item.

  7. Winnie Hall

    Thank you Wayne and Disaster Survival Skills for consistently providing accessible high quality items for schools. Cheaper than other website at the same time very sensible.

  8. Shella Oates

    After a lot of research and considerations, we’ve decided to purchase this IC kit for our school earthquake preparedness. We also look Wayne’s advice in getting the disaster first aid kit as well. We’ve used your school calculator report to reorganize our emergency team, so thanks a lot for that!
    I highly recommend that you generate your report using the calculator first then, you will understand why you need this kit.

  9. dalma sway

    It didn’t took long for us to purchase this incident command post kit right after we got our school report. The price is very reasonable for our school, and because of the school calculator report, we were confident to request it. Thanks!

  10. James Curr

    We received my shipment within 4 days, which was much faster than expected. After going through the items in the bag, all materials were accounted for and the individual tools were of high quality which was nice to see.
    Overall a great bag that fulfills our IC needs.

  11. Daisy Smith

    Everything you need for incident command post and comes neatly packed inside backpack with Triage tarps and tags. For a school with less than 500, I highly recommend getting one of these.

    BTW, thanks Wayne for all the amazing resources you are sharing! Gob bless you and your fam!

  12. Garth Howard

    Complete incident command supplies. At first, it wasn’t very clear what were the content are for, but because of the school calculator. We understand their importance. Thanks for everything!

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