Survival Water

Survival Water
Water is critical for survival. Yet most people have very little water if any stored for an emergency. Below are your options for storage, purification and treatment for disaster preparedness. We have 55 gallon water barrels for storage. Water Purification Tablets and Water Preserver Concetrate for long term storage treatment. We will explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages to each option. Just visit each product you are interested in to see the differences. We have portable Water Bottle Filters that will purify 100 gallons of water.

How much water should we store is also necessary for planning. There is varying opinons about how much water families at home should store, I think it should be minimum of one gallon per person per day for at least seven days, preferably fourteen days for drinking and hygiene. A family of four would need approximately 28 gallons for 1 week, or 56 gallons for 2 weeks. Store tap water in new approved barrels (airtight) and treat with "Water Preserver" concentrate for a five year long term storage.

A water source such as a pool becomes a huge asset when you have our Water Bottle Filters. This portable water filtration system will filter 100 gallons of pool water and disinfect and remove any harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

Water Storage for Schools should provide each student with 4 oz. of water per waking hours (12 hrs.) for 3 days. This would require a school with a population of 500 students to store ten 55 gallon barrels of water. If part of the student population left school within the first 24 hours that amount could be reduced.

Do not buy or use used barrels. They are cheap, but cannot be recycled as safe long term water storage because you cannot completely remove what was previously stored in the barrel. Be it fruit juice concentrate or coke syrup, the remaining residue is in the walls of the plastic, which will result in a fungus growth inside the barrel.

We do not recommend using bleach for water treatment. Bleach contains arsenic and mercury and listed with the EPA as a pesticide. It is not intended for human consumption or designed for long term water storage. Do not use old bleach bottles as they are not designed for long term emergency water storage and any bleach residue does not provide any benefits. The bleach bottles are not a safe plastic and should be considered hazardous for humans to consume water from. Using Bleach in a emergency is not a plan but rather a solution for those who have not prepared for an emergency or disaster.

For more information click on "How To Store Water"
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Bung Wrench
Survival Water Bottle Advanced Filter Replacement

Survival Water Bottle Advanced Filter Replacement

Advanced filter replacement for our 28 oz. Flip Top Bottle
Survival Water Filter Bottle

Survival Water Filter Bottle

Advanced filtration in a 28 oz. sport bottle with a flip top.
Water Barrel package

Water Barrel package

includes 55 gal. barrel, water preserver, hand pump and bung wrench
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