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Triage Tarps-set of 4 colors

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Our set of 4 Triage tarps is only $235.95, comes in colors of Red (immediate), Yellow (delayed), Green (minor) and Black (deceased). They are 16'x 20' in size to provide organization to your triage and disaster first aid areas. Once these Triage Tarps are on the ground, there is no confusion as to where the Triage and Disaster First Aid area is or what category of victims go where.

Triage skills are a great tool in the event of a mass casualty such as an earthquake, shooting, plane or rail accidents. In the field following a disaster, injuries and the number of patients may appear overwhelming. Triage skills along with Triage Tarps will enable you to quickly sort and prioritize the victims. You will be evaluating how the injuries impact the victims condition. There are only 3 conditions to evaluate in Triage. You will asses their Breathing, Bleeding and Shock. This makes Triage simple and rapid so you can help the maximum number of victims quickly. Don't forget to use Triage Tags. This is another tool that only makes your job easier and more efficient and professional.

When setting up your Triage area remember to leave 15 yards between your Immediate and Delayed triage tarps for organization and room to work. It is a good idea to place all your disaster first aid supplies in between the immediate and delayed and minor triage tarps to create a natural barrier and easy access by both first aid teams to the medical supplies.

Also remember to place your triage victims in rows. One row for each first aid team member. Place triage victims in a Head to Toe formation. This will reduce anxiety in the first aid area, reduce the noise level, and most importantly if a triage victim throws up, it will end up at the foot of his neighbor and not on his head.

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