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Do you represent your school’s or businesses
Emergency and Disaster Response Teams?

Then make sure you take advantage of our disaster preparedness calculator which covers
the ideal number of team members, their responsibilities, skills, and supplies.
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Disaster Survival Skills, LLC has consistently provided top notch training since 1991.
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On-Site Training for Schools + Businesses

These training will provide the skills necessary for your response teams to carry out the plan and provide confidence to take the right action.

CPR, First Aid, AED
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4-hour class covering CPR and First Aid for Adult, Child & Infant and taught to the 2015 American Heart Association guidelines.
You will receive a CPR and First Aid certification that is good for two years.
(8-hour option for Child Care Provider, Daycare Center or Preschool Teacher and require EMSA stickers)
Disaster Survival Skills Workshops for Businesses and Schools
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Full day class covering 4 modules;
Light Urban Search & Rescue, Triage, Disaster First Aid, and Fire Control.
(Half day option covering 2 selected modules)

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Life-Saving Skills Online Videos

Learn the 3 most important life-saving skills that everyone should know in less than 2 minutes.

And while you’re here, you can download and print these posters designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.)


Disaster Survival Skills

Leader In Providing Real-World Emergency Solutions Since 1991.

America’s #1 most sought-after Disaster Response Trainer and Disaster Survival Supplier for Schools

Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), 2007
Southern California Fire Department

Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) is the founder of Disaster Survival Skills, LLC. and is also a retired professional firefighter and disaster preparedness coordinator who recognized a need for a one-day training on how everyone should respond to a disaster. From that moment forward the commitment has been to develop, refine and perfect techniques and strategies that everyone can use. In addition to training, Disaster Survival Skills, LLC. provides practical and realistic supplies that support their training. There is no fluff or waste in their kits, but rather items that can and will be used by your employees in an emergency.

As a former Fire Captain, Wayne responded to hundreds of emergencies each year.

He has served on major campaign fires, train crashes, multi-casualty incidents, earthquakes and large-scale civil unrest. His expertise in Disaster Preparedness, Search & Rescue, CPR & First Aid has influenced his common sense, reality-based approach to training and supplies.

Best Choice of Products

A must for every individual, family, schools, and businesses. There is no fluff or waste in our kits, but rather supplies that will make a difference in real emergencies.


For bulk orders, we highly recommend that you use our planning calculators created by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.)


We have been asked over and over what supplies and quantities are really necessary.
So Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) has created a disaster preparedness calculator for schools and businesses.
Wayne has put together realistic guidelines along with supplies that will compliment your response teams skills
for more realistic response to any disaster.

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