11 Guidelines for Quickly Handling Emergency Situations in School

As a firefighter who has responded to over 50 thousand emergencies, it’s very quick for someone like me to respond quickly and properly in an event of any emergency situation but for most people emergency situation can be a bit overwhelming. So I prepared these 12 most common guidelines for handling emergency situations in school.

There’s a good chance that a major earthquake strikes during school hours. So when the shaking starts be sure to get yourself and your students do the DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON position . If you are the responsible for your school’s risk management or disaster response plan, use our School Disaster Preparedness Calculator. It will give you more idea what could happen in a disaster and how you can prepare and response.
Watch this 1-minute video on how to perform Heimlich Maneuver for choking.

Watch this 1-minute video on how to stop and control bleeding.

Watch this 1-minute video on how to treat shock.

Watch this training video on how to use a fire extinguisher. 

You can also avoid this to happen in your school by storing chemicals in cabinets and out of reach from children.

Watch this 1-minute video on how to care for an amputation. 

Watch this short video on how to treat burns.

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