5.2 Earthquake Hits Borrego Springs in Southern California

Last night at 1:04 a.m. we experienced a 5.2 temblor that was felt over four counties in Southern California. We even felt it here in Rancho Mirage, our second story bedroom getting a pretty good shake. This is again, another reminder that we live in #Earthquake Country and need to always be prepared.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported the San Andreas Fault is Locked and Loaded.

The question is are YOU Locked and Loaded. In other words, are you ready for the “Big One.” Scientists are now saying there is a 99% chance the “Big One” will occur in our lifetime. They are referring to the southern end of the San Andreas fault system which runs from San Francisco to Mexico passing right through most of our neighborhoods.

The damage from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake or greater will be significant to our infrastructure that we all take for granted. Experts are predicting over 1800 deaths, 1600 fires, severed water lines in most communities, gas and electrical interruptions. In fact, this would be the largest and most expensive disaster in U.S. history. But, that doesn’t mean You shouldn’t prepare. You want to be a survivor, not a victim.

You can choose not to go without water-store two weeks worth of clean water.
You can choose not to go hungry- store food.
You can choose not to be a victim of fire-store fire extinguishers.
You can choose not to be a victim of injuries- store a Real first aid kit.

It is up to You!

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