National Stop the Bleed Month: What You Should Know

Loss of too much blood can cause death in as little as 3-5 minutes, which is why everyone should know how to stop bleeding. The good news is, controlling bleeding is simple: just plug the hole. Watch the video below: Severe bleeding is exactly what it sounds like, it’s any major bleeding suspected to be […]

Fire Extinguisher Training How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

Did you know that the fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds and 8 people per day lose their lives to fires in the United States. And that most fires at home start in the kitchen. As a firefighter for over 3 decades, I responded to my fair share of kitchen fires. But […]

Survival Kit Ideas for Disasters keabaq

Survival Kit Ideas for Disasters

Survival from earthquakes and other natural disasters can depend on your level of preparedness. When considering ideas for disaster survival kit keep them practical and realistic. Think about priorities. Of course, food and water are necessary but First Aid supplies are the most important items in any emergency kit. Most people are not prepared at […]

How To Treat A Burn

How To Treat A Burn

I have treated a lot of burn victims over the years as a firefighter/EMT and can tell you burns are at the top of the list for pain and complications, short and long term. So treatment for burns must be done quickly and correctly to be effective. There is a lot of misinformation about burn [...]
Disaster Family Kit pmtfyk

Home Earthquake Emergency Kit List With Their Uses

In a case of a mass casualty disaster like an earthquake, you can’t just rely on other people to help your family. It’s your responsibility to keep your family safe and getting a home earthquake emergency kit is a good way to start.

Banner Car Window Breaker jmmd8k

One Tool That I Won’t Travel Without: Car Window Breaker

After almost 3 decades of responding to car accidents as a professional firefighter, I can tell there is one tool I won’t travel without. That tool is the Car Window Breaker. I have seen too many people trapped behind jammed doors and unable to roll down windows. This is due to damage to the doors or even […]

Pet Safety Fourth of July o21kj1

Pet Safety-Fourth of July

With holidays always comes with fun and food, you are responsible for your pets safety in an emergency and a disaster so always be prepared in advance.

Preparing for the Big One at Home agxmmt

Preparing for the Big One at Home

Preparing for the Big One could apply to folks across this country. Since every state has had an earthquake of some size, you shouldn’t get too comfortable just because you don’t live in California. In fact, some states have more earthquakes and some states even have a larger threat than my home state of California. […]

How to prepare for a hurricane qgt0fp

How to prepare for a hurricane

Hurricanes are strong storms that cause life-and-property threatening hazards that may cause flood, storm surge, high winds and tornadoes. Preparedness is the best protection for your family and property. Basic Hurricane Preparation For Home Assess your home’s risks: Will your home survive a storm surge or high winds? Reduce property damage by retrofitting to secure [...]
Hands Only CPR is not for everyone

WARNING: “Hands Only CPR” is not for everyone

Everything changed in 2008. American Heart Association (AHA) releases these new CPR guidelines included a new technique called “Hands Only CPR”. The media ate this up. Article after article stating that it is no longer important to breathe for victims. Hands-Only are just as good. They were excited to tell everyone there is a new style of [...]