Disaster First Aid Supply Guidelines for School and Business

Disaster First Aid Supply Guidelines for School and Business 2016-06-24T09:12:17+00:00

The following Disaster Supply Guidelines are suggested for every 150 persons at your school or business site. After analyzing what injuries you could expect in an emergency such as an earthquake, we developed a list of practical first aid supplies in quantities that will allow you to treat the expected number of injured that a large earthquake or disaster may create. Our Disaster First Aid Kit is based on the following supplies. Figure the number of people at your site and divide by 150 to get your multiplier. Example:600 people divided by 150=4 (use this number as your multiplier to determine how much you need.)

By Captain Wayne Bennett

Disaster First Aid Supply Guidelines

Your number of people___________/150= ___________ Multiplier

Stretchers – for transporting the injured (2) X_____ =_____

Vinyl gloves – protection from body fluids (50 pr) X_____ =_____

Trauma dressings – 5×9-for control of severe bleeding (15) X_____ =_____

Gauze dressings – 4×4– for control of moderate bleeding (50) X_____ =_____

Triangular bandages – for arm slings/pressure dressings (15) X_____ =_____

Gauze roll bandages – 2”- for securing dressings (10 ) X_____ =_____

Band-aids – for small scrapes (100) X_____ =_____

Leg cardboard splints – for broken legs (4) X_____ =_____

 Arm cardboard splints – for broken arms (5) X_____ =_____

Bottle of Burn Gel – treat burns (1) X_____ =_____

Ice packs – to reduce swelling from bumps and bruises (5) X_____ =_____

Sterile water packs 4 oz – treating burns/flushing wounds (20) X_____ =_____

Rolls of First Aid tape – securing bandages and dressings (5) X_____ =_____

Rolls of Duct tape – used for triage tags and securing splints (1) X_____ =_____

 Emergency thermal blankets – warmth, treat shock (10) X_____ =_____

Paramedic scissors – heavy duty cutting (2) X_____ =_____

Tweezers – removing glass and wood splinters (1) X_____ =_____

Antiseptic wipes – cleansing minor wounds (100) X_____ =_____

Antimicrobial wipes – disinfection of rescuer (100)X_____ =______

 First Aid guides – provides treatment measures (2) X_____ =______