Disaster Preparedness Calculators

Designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.)

Disaster Preparedness Calculators 2017-08-02T01:28:39+00:00

Simply enter your details below to generate a detailed report for your family’s preparedness. This report includes the minimum recommended supplies you need along with a quick guide as to their purpose and how to use them. We have also included links to my quick videos demonstrating the same.

    Make sure you've got everyone covered in your preparation, including your pets.
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This is a simple real world tool to help you get your school or business ready for day to day emergencies as well as a major disaster. It is designed to be quick and easy to use, so you can take immediate action towards your planning and preparedness goals. Supplies covered in the report include Water Storage, First Aid, Search & Rescue, Triage, Food Supplies, and Sanitation. You will receive the generated report in your email.

  • Enter the number of people of a single school only (not entire disctrict).
  • We will send the generated report to your email.