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Family Emergency Supplies PageBe prepared to handle on all day to day emergencies and you will inherently be prepared for major disasters such as “The Big One”.

✔ High-quality supplies. All our supplies top-quality, American-standard products.

✔ FDA approved and meets OSHA, ANSI standards. Each emergency kits are professionally customed designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), an accredited trainer on American Heart Association, CERT, and FEMA.

✔ Dare to compare. Beware of kits from China! You may find kits that are cheaper but if you look at the content, they bump their number of items with useless and cheap supplies. All supplies in our kits that were added to every kit are the same supplies we see on fire trucks and ambulances. Ours is more than just first aid, our kits save lives.

The items below in our Family Survival Kit will improve your family’s ability to respond and survive for 72 hrs. following a large scale disaster.

To be prepared for 2 weeks, be sure to complete our free Family Disaster Preparedness Calculator to give you the exact quantities you will need for your family.

CPR KEYCHAIN KIT tubymdcpr kit in keychain cf35lhcpr mask made in america dxymrgvinyl gloves kccnjkantimicrobial hand wipe f3gulmCPR POSTER s0f3qrhand wipes eh0womvinyl globes cpr protection zyj7zlcpr mask air flow f4mhl0CPR mas with paper filters il0eakdouble one way valve cpr shield vhu0am
CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit $10.95
Pet Disaster Survival Kit $57.95
Emergency Water Barrel package claz8j55 Gallon Water Barrel oi3yy6Water Barrel Hand Pump xc12u8water preserver iahharWater Storage
Water Barrel Package $135.95
Car Window Hammer nu4yslcar window breaker cju6idCar window hammer neugqiWindow Hammer mitevi
Car Window Breaker with Seat Belt Cutter $9.95 $5.95
Car Kit With Flashlight ihbi9mEmergency Car Survival Kit 1 pyuo64
Car Survival Kit $39.95
familykit ave6hrfamily emergency kit ojzddn
Family Disaster Survival Kit $139.95
water filter bottle mnfumpPurified Water fdzg9fSeychelle Advanced Filter abo7nvSeychelle Advanced Filter Bottle axyxqg
Water Filter Bottle $31.95