National Stop the Bleed Month: What You Should Know

Loss of too much blood can cause death in as little as 3-5 minutes, which is why everyone should know how to stop bleeding. The good news is, controlling bleeding is simple: just plug the hole. Watch the video below: Severe bleeding is exactly what it sounds like, it’s any major bleeding suspected to be […]

Guide on Setting up Search and Rescue Teams | K-12 Guide

Your Search & Rescue Team will responsible for searching and rescuing trapped victims inside the building. Each member must have training in Light Urban Search & Rescue and they must be equipped with safety gear to perform their tasks fast while staying safe. In this post, I’ll talk about how to set up your team, […]

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Ideal First Aid Supplies For Schools

How To Compute The Ideal First Aid Supplies For Schools (Mass Casualty – Earthquake Preparedness)

In over 30 years of experience in emergency response, as a firefighter and trainer, I have developed a list of practical first aid supplies with the ideal quantities that will allow you to treat the expected number of victims that large earthquake may cause. First aid supply is the #1 priority when it comes to disaster […]

Triangle of Life vs. Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Triangle of Life is a controversial approach to earthquake survival. Drop, Cover, and Hold On has been a part of California schools preparedness for as long as I can recall. Originally, it was called Duck and Cover from the civil defense days. But, as California experienced more earthquakes we realized that the furniture we were [...]
Triage Flowchart For Disasters with Poster zoodai

Triage Flowchart For Disasters (with Poster)

This easy to read Triage Flowchart along with Triage skills will enable you to quickly sort and prioritize the victims. Creator Captain Wayne Bennett has over 33 years experience in the emergency business.

Banner First Aid Kit uwvwaj

How To Build Your Own “Real” First Aid Kit

Most commercial first aid kits cannot save lives nor aid any life threatening emergencies. A typical first aid kit is made up of just band-aids and wipes. Even more frustrating, is that most kits have first aid supplies that are no longer part of current first aid protocols. As a former fire fighter with over 33 years experience responding to more than 50,000 […]

How to prepare your schools emergency response team gkzeq5

How To Prepare Your Schools Emergency Response Team

Providing your emergency response team the training and supplies that they will need to handle and manage the chaos will be the key to a successful and fast recovery of your school from a disaster.

Fire Extinguisher Training How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

Did you know that the fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds and 8 people per day lose their lives to fires in the United States. And that most fires at home start in the kitchen. As a firefighter for over 3 decades, I responded to my fair share of kitchen fires. But […]

School Emergency Kit Shelter in Place nx9eio

School Emergency Earthquake Kit Complete Guide For Disaster Survival

Your school emergency earthquake kit will be based on your plan, begin with analyzing possible threats or disasters at your school like tornadoes, earthquake, intruder on site or gunfire in the area. I’ve listed below all types of emergency supplies that your school should have.