How to purify questionable drinking water – without using bleach

Bleach is the most popular method to purify water because it kills bacteria, but it is not the safest or best way to purify questionable emergency drinking water.

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Why should one turn off gas and electricity supply after an earthquake

You have probably heard that you should turn off the gas after an earthquake. This is because of the strong ground movement and it may damage your pipelines and cause a leak. And a gas leak undetected will find an ignition source. This will lead to explosion and fire. How to find gas leaks If [...]
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Fire Prevention Week: Check Your Smoke Alarms

October 9th to 15th is Fire Prevention Week. The theme of the campaign is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years” Smoke alarms have life span of 10 years, so check your alarms manufacturing date and replace if needed. Don't forget to test your smoke alarms! Here's a good infographic [...]
Simplified Earthquake Drill Procedure in School – Updated 2018

What Should Schools Focus On During Earthquake Drills?

Each year most schools conduct earthquake drills, and the US government supports disaster risk reduction activities, one of which is the Great California ShakeOut that happens every October. Everyone does the drop, cover, and hold on at the same time. There were over 19.9 million (US totals) who participated in the previous 2017 ShakeOut event (over […]

Survival Kit Ideas for Disasters keabaq

Survival Kit Ideas for Disasters

Survival from earthquakes and other natural disasters can depend on your level of preparedness. When considering ideas for disaster survival kit keep them practical and realistic. Think about priorities. Of course, food and water are necessary but First Aid supplies are the most important items in any emergency kit. Most people are not prepared at […]

How To Treat A Burn

How To Treat A Burn

I have treated a lot of burn victims over the years as a firefighter/EMT and can tell you burns are at the top of the list for pain and complications, short and long term. So treatment for burns must be done quickly and correctly to be effective. There is a lot of misinformation about burn [...]
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Home Earthquake Emergency Kit List With Their Uses

In a case of a mass casualty disaster like an earthquake, you can’t just rely on other people to help your family. It’s your responsibility to keep your family safe and getting a home earthquake emergency kit is a good way to start.

School Emergency Calculator

Calculate Your Schools Emergency Supplies For Earthquake Preparedness

Getting a family prepared for an earthquake is certainly easier than a school or a business. With one Family Kit or an Office Disaster kit the majority of the items they need would be covered. But for Schools (and other businesses) that have a large population, it gets a little more complicated. With schools and [...]
School Earthquake Drill Disaster Survival List ivvnv4

What parents should know when there’s an emergency in school?

All schools should have an organized emergency plan to handle all risks and prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a emergency or disaster.

Proper First Aid Treatment And Wound Care 1

Proper First-Aid Treatment And Wound Care

Take a clean wash cloth or gauze dressing and get it wet and soapy and then gently scrub the area around the wound allowing the soap and water to flow into the wound.