How To Store Water Long Term

How To Store Water Long Term

When considering long term water storage containers make sure the items you use are not contaminating your emergency drinking water. Start off with a NEW Water Barrel or other containers that are made from High-Density Polyethylene.

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One Tool That I Won’t Travel Without: Car Window Breaker

After almost 3 decades of responding to car accidents as a professional firefighter, I can tell there is one tool I won’t travel without. That tool is the Car Window Breaker. I have seen too many people trapped behind jammed doors and unable to roll down windows. This is due to damage to the doors or even […]

First Aid Training: HAINES Recovery Position

The HAINES (High Arm IN Endangered Spine) recovery position is definitely a skill everyone should have in their first aid arsenal. It not only makes a victims situation better, but it can save lives. When concerned about the neck or spinal injuries always place the left arm under the head for support. This skill solves so many problems and prevents several [...]
Water Storage

Long Term Water Storage Guide For Families

This long term water storage guide will prepare you for when a major earthquake causes damage to your underground water system, leaving you without any running water. In addition to drinking, you will need water for cooking and personal needs. This includes hygiene, washing hands, washing dishes, and first aid care. Because of the high [...]
Pet Safety Fourth of July o21kj1

Pet Safety-Fourth of July

With holidays always comes with fun and food, you are responsible for your pets safety in an emergency and a disaster so always be prepared in advance.

Preparing for the Big One at Home agxmmt

Preparing for the Big One at Home

Preparing for the Big One could apply to folks across this country. Since every state has had an earthquake of some size, you shouldn’t get too comfortable just because you don’t live in California. In fact, some states have more earthquakes and some states even have a larger threat than my home state of California. […]

How to prepare for a hurricane qgt0fp

How to prepare for a hurricane

Hurricanes are strong storms that cause life-and-property threatening hazards that may cause flood, storm surge, high winds and tornadoes. Preparedness is the best protection for your family and property. Basic Hurricane Preparation For Home Assess your home’s risks: Will your home survive a storm surge or high winds? Reduce property damage by retrofitting to secure [...]
How To Do The Heimlich Maneuver

How To Do The Heimlich Maneuver

Someone once said “We take breathing for granted, never thinking about it, until you can’t breathe, then that is all you can think about”  That’s because life cannot exist without breathing and that is why choking is so deadly. More than 4,800 deaths occur each year and it has become the 4th leading cause of death in […]

Do you really have to do mouth to mouth in CPR. Is Hands Only enough ic6oxk

Do you really have to do mouth-to-mouth in CPR? Is Hands Only enough?

When the American Heart Association announced the Hands-Only CPR option, the media spun as if you don’t have to breathe or perform mouth to mouth resuscitation anymore. So, you really don’t have to do breathing anymore? What is the real truth?

How To Prevent Fire After an Earthquake cy7k7w

How To Prevent Fire After an Earthquake

After an earthquake, gas leaks are a major cause of fires that’s why everyone in the family should know where the gas meter is and how to shut it off in case of gas leaks