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The History of CPR

This is a nice infographic that shows CPR has been around for more than 150 years, but I found it disturbing that 30% of people have broken ribs due to CPR. I personally think that is a training and technique issue. Remember, heel of the hand only on the sternum. You can also download a free CPR […]

National Preparedness Month Simple Guide For Your Emergency Plan zryo1l

National Preparedness Month – Simple Guide For Your Emergency Plan

September is the National Preparedness Month, this serves as a reminder for everyone to prepare disasters and emergencies. This is a simplified guide for you to what you can do

School Lockdown Procedures For Intruders

When the school announces school lockdown. You should quietly hide immediately and follow all instructions from a teacher or administrator. And everyone must remain silent, out of sight, with the lights off, and behind locked doors.

Disaster Preparedness Checklist For Home p2l7bh

Disaster Preparedness Checklist For Home

In times of disaster like earthquakes, flood, hurricane, tornado or any emergencies that your family could be at risk, your family should be prepared. So here are are the top 4 emergency preparedness checklist that can help you when real life-threatening emergency occurs. 1. First Aid Kit is your top priority Why is the first aid kit number 0ne? Because […]

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Disaster Preparedness For Schools

There are three main components for Disaster Preparedness for Schools that is essential for success. These are: Planning Supplies Training. These three things will allow you to manage and respond to the chaos that a large disaster such as an earthquake would create. Planning Planning provides the framework for your SEMS/NIMS structure that provides for your […]

Shock Patient

How To Treat Shock

Shock is like bleeding, one of those first aid emergencies that you will experience at some point in your life.  As I stated in my video, “How To Treat Shock” this is one of the 3 first aid skills everyone needs to know to save lives. But,  most people are unsure or confused about what to do in the case of […]

How To Make A Disaster Survival Kit

How to make a disaster survival kit for most emergencies requires planning and forethought. I am going to cover the basics and why they are important, then of course you should add your own personal preparedness needs for medicine, extra eyeglasses, etc. to complete your Disaster Survival Kit. First Aid should be your first consideration for your Disaster […]

How to Handle and Treat a Stroke FAST

Quick recognition and  fast treatment of strokes can make all the difference in a patients outcome. I am here to support the American Heart Associations American Stroke Month in May. This is in concert with their new initiative “Together To End Stroke” an educational aim at the general public to share the Risk Factors, Prevention, Warning Signs […]

Flashlights for Disaster Preparedness

It’s that time again with spring upon us and Daylight Savings time requiring us to adjust our clocks. It is also a perfect reminder to change those batteries in our smoke detectors and flashlights. My recent appearance on KMIR 6 NBC affiliate in Palm Springs was a great opportunity to share some tips about flashlights and […]

California Bans Chemicals used in Chinese Glow Lights

California Bans Chemicals used in Chinese Glow Lights

November 1, 2007 WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – Cyalume Technologies, the world leader in special purpose light, said its SnapLights and ChemLights are made in the U.S. and contain none of the chemicals that have been banned by federal and state regulators in California. The company made its reassuring statement amidst growing concern about Chinese-made glow […]