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Classroom Emergency Lock Down and Earthquake Evacuation Kit

(10 customer reviews)


A realistic and practical solution for earthquakes and mass-casualty disasters.

This Classroom Evac-Backpack is recommended for pre-school and elementary school preparation for classroom evacuation. It has all the necessary items to enable teachers to safely evacuate students or shelter-in-place. It also has first aid supplies to treat life-threatening injuries (CPR, severe bleeding, and shock).

1 Classroom Evac-Backpack is recommended for each classroom.

We highly recommend that you and all your staff learn the 3 most important life-saving skills, watch the free training here.

Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.



All schools should prepare with a Classroom Emergency Backpack to support school  emergencies. These include evacuations, lock down, shelter in place and earthquakes.  Our School Classroom Emergency Backpack is a great solution to meet your school needs. It is an all around kit, capable of supporting shelter in place with water, first aid, alternate lighting and CPR.

The Emergency Backpack includes an Emergency Vest for the teacher for identification. A door stop to prop open the door to enable quick evacuations. In the event of an injury to a child we have included first for the teacher. They include 3 trauma Dressings, 4×4 Gauze Pads with Triangular Dressings. These will enable the teacher to create Pressure Dressings for the control of bleeding to multiple victims. There are also 3 Thermal Blankets for shock victims. For teacher safety we have included Vinyl Gloves, Antimicrobial Wipes and a CPR mask.

Additional items like food bars for comfort or pry bars for self-rescue can really make teachers more effective by providing them with the tools necessary for evacuation in earthquakes.

 Classroom Emergency Backpack includes:

Classroom Earthquake Survival Evacuation BackpackFor evacuations, Lock Downs/Shelter in Place and Earthquake preparedness, this Classroom Emergency Backpack makes the perfect solution for schools. This kit may be customized to your needs.

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Weight10 lbs

10 reviews for Classroom Emergency Lock Down and Earthquake Evacuation Kit

  1. Adam Kibe

    I have been an emergency prepper for years and they have some of the lowest prices you will find online. Huge selection of stuff and fast response to questions. Great experience overall.

  2. Melissa Santos

    Great product! At first, I thought the kit seems to be lacking in some first aid supplies… but to think of it, it’s only for classroom in event of classroom lockdown and evacuation (shelter in place or earthquake). So the contents are just perfect for it’s purpose. It has light, water, life-saving first aid supplies, door wedge, and vest – which is all you really need.

  3. Sam Emier

    This bag has the basic needs for evacuation.

  4. Robyn Esguerra

    The CPR mask that is included in this kit is pretty high quality, it’s not an ordinary plastic. We tried the door-stopper, it’s very heavy-duty. can hold pretty heavy doors. great kit.

  5. Don Mik

    Well done, well packed, thought-out! Perfect for our school.

  6. Vilma Essa

    Awesome bag! It’s great for evacuation and has primary first aid content for injuries.

  7. Gabe

    These kits totally make sense and because of the calculator that Wayne provided, we are confident that we have the right supplies! Thank you!

  8. Fatima Rey

    Ordered 5 of these. Teachers were very pleased. Captain Wayne even gave us life-saving videos, on how to use the first aid supplies.
    The door stopper is very durable. Not fancy look but they are just rubber stoppers and work really well.

  9. Rome Wilson

    Thank you Wayne for helping our school in our preparedness. We are more confident now that our staff are geared up with skills and supplies! The backpack is made of sturdy material, and having everything in one location makes it easy to grab and go. For elementary schools, I highly recommend this one.

  10. CK

    In comes these door stops, for the price I thought, “it can’t hurt..” and…they work great! I put it in place (which takes a second) and the door doesn’t move AT ALL. It can also easily flip around if your door has a little bit more than a normal gap on the bottom. It also has a little holder to stick to the back of your door for safe keeping. The light stick, basic first aid supplies, and food will come handy for evacuation. It’s great for it’s price!

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