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Pet Disaster Survival Kit

(12 customer reviews)


This Pet Disaster Survival Kit is a perfect kit for families with dogs. It is a 3-gallon bucket that includes all the dog’s necessities to keep them well and happy during a disaster.

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When planning for natural disasters don’t forget your pets. You will need extra water, dog food and more. Our Pet Disaster Survival Kit covers all the needs of your pet. The 3 gallon bucket includes 5 year dog food, 5 year water pouches, a pet first aid kit. This Pet Emergency Kit is ready for the evacuation shelter, just do not forget the shot records. Everything you need for your pet in a quick evacuation. Don’t let the earthquake catch you unprepared.

Pet Disaster Survival Kit Contents:

  • 2 Packages of 5 year Food
  • 2 Thermal Blanket
  • 2 12 hr. Lightsticks
  • 2 Plastic Dog Bowls
  • 1 Tennis ball
  • 1 3gal. Bucket with Lid
  • 1 Leash
  • 1- 58 piece First Aid Kit
  • 12 5 year Water Pouches
  • 1, 50′ Rope
  • 1 Small Collar
  • 6 Poop Bags
  • 3 Chew Sticks
  • 1 Can Opener
  • 1 Bloodstopper
  • 1 Pet Disaster Information

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs

12 reviews for Pet Disaster Survival Kit

  1. Eugene

    Seems good for larger dogs. Packed with the necessary items that we hope to not need to use.

  2. Phillip

    I’ve purchased the family kit and I was pleased with the content. So I just got one for our Dog

  3. Judith

    Great gift for dog lovers!

  4. charlotte

    great product. This is my second purchase after I got our family survival kit. I thought be good to check out their pet kit too. And was never disappointed. thank you Wayne!

  5. Thomas

    These kits are perfect for dogs. I’m glad we purchased them. Thank you Wayne! You always deliver what you say.

  6. gina

    great kit for dogs, lots of great stuff. water, water bowls, super comprehensive havent had to use for our dogs thank god but we travel a lot and im thankful we have it. came with everything pictured. thank you wayne

  7. Ernie

    Nice kit and well made kit for dog.

  8. Catherine

    Great kit for my 2 medium-sized dogs. I’ve compared with with emergency preparedness lists and this kit covers all the bases. Thank you Wayne!

  9. Pat

    Great product. Thanks Wayne!

  10. Robert

    Great kit. This dog survival kit exceeded my expectations! It really does contain all of the necessities as well as the basic first aid items that you will need for your dog in an emergency situation. I highly recommend getting one and keep it as your pup’s go-bag should the need arise.

  11. Irish

    Bought this for our dog to keep in the car. It’s compact and I love that it comes with a leash and bowls for water and food. Hoping we wont ever have to use it but at least its making me feel a little more prepared.

  12. George

    Great investment especially for dog lovers! Thanks Wayne!

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