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Disaster First Aid Kit (Schools | Businesses)

(12 customer reviews)


A realistic and practical solution for mass-casualty disasters.

This Disaster First Aid Kit is professionally designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.). After analyzing the expected injuries in schools and large business sites, we were able to put together a compact first aid kit that allows your medical team to treat minor and severe injuries on a mass-casualty scale.

1 Disaster First Aid Kit is recommended for every 150 persons at your site.

We highly recommend that you also get an Incident Command Post Kit with Triage Package and Stretchers, especially if you have more than 150 persons in your site/school.
For exact computation of recommended supplies for your site/school, use our free Disaster Calculator for Schools to generate your customized report.


This Disaster First Aid Kit for schools classrooms or the business office or CERT teams is packed with almost 500 bulk emergency first aid supplies appropriate to your employees level of training and safe for the victims. We had schools and businesses and CERT teams in mind when we designed our Disaster First Aid Kit. Click on the link to get a copy of our Disaster First Aid Supply Guidelines worksheet.

As a professional firefighter treating serious injuries at mass casualty incidents, I have discovered what you really need in a disaster first aid bag is life saving supplies, not band-aids. Your Disaster First Aid Kit should be able to stabilize shock, burns, fractures and control serious bleeding and wounds. There is no fluff in this first aid kit. Practical disaster supplies from bulk trauma dressings, arm and leg splints, burn gel, sterile water to paramedic scissors, items that will be necessary with real injuries.

When working in a mass casualty area you will need a lot of bulk dressings to quickly and efficiently treat a large number of victims created by an disaster such as an Earthquake. Be careful when shopping for Disaster First Aid Kits. Most kits have the wrong items or supplies that are out of protocol. Do not use Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide as it damages tissue, capillaries and promotes the growth of bacteria. Butterfly bandages can close in septic infections. Ammonia Inhalants can cause breathing problems.

TIP! Remember, Triage is the front door to the Disaster First Aid areas. Set-up separate treatment (triage tarps) areas for the Immediate and Delayed patients. Leave enough room between the two areas or tarps to layout your first aid supplies, providing access to the medical supplies from both treatment areas.

Its’ portability allows you to set up a disaster first aid area quickly and care for up to 150 persons. Compare our quality and quantity and price with the competition. We include state of the art burn gel, EMT trauma shears, trauma dressings, cold packs, emergency thermal blankets, and more. Looking for something more compact, check out our “Real” First Aid Kit.

Key Features

  • Designed by firefighter/EMT
  • Compact and portable
  • High quality
  • Practical
  • Economical

Disaster First Aid Kit Contents:

natural disaster first aid kit

  • 20”shoulder bag
  • 15 trauma dressings
  • 100 4×4 gauze pads
  • 12 triangular dressings
  • 12 rolls of gauze
  • 4 leg splints
  • 5 arm splints
  • 1 bottle burn gel
  • 5 cold packs
  • 20 sterile water packs
  • 5 rolls of first aid tape
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 10 emergency thermal blankets
  • 2 paramedic scissors
  • 2 tweezers
  • 1 box of 100 vinyl gloves
  • 100 antiseptic wipes
  • 100 antimicrobial wipes
  • 100 band-aids
  • 2 first aid guides.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs

12 reviews for Disaster First Aid Kit (Schools | Businesses)

  1. Jason Oesis

    We have recommended you to other schools in our area. Thank you

  2. Wesley Brin

    I am very impressed with the content of this disaster first aid kit. It’s very handy and it has everything you need for first aid treatment in a given disaster. I believe the quantity are reasonable too.

    So Yes, i do recommend this.

  3. Gregory Dien

    I was concerned about the price but decided to order based on what was described to be included and the previous reviews. I was not disappointed. Cap’t Wayne put together supplies with his real life experiences and each of the items included are good quality. I do like that the bag is very sturdy.

    I most definitely would recommend and already have.

  4. Shiela Foss

    You will not find a more comprehensive kit (for schools) with quality supplies inside at this price point. BUY this one TODAY, you won’t regret it. Check out their calculator

  5. timothy

    After looking at about a dozen other kits for our school, I chose Disaster Survival Skills. I’m very glad I did. Not only is it very well thought out, made by a fire captain, but it includes a guide report that tells you exactly what you need to prepared in a disaster.

    I am also extremely impressed that Wayne, took the time to ensure our school’s satisfaction PLUS, an additional email gave several valuable first-aide tips I did not know before. This represents a real value-added approach that I am happy to commend.

    Very pleased, and yup, I’ll be recommending this kit to others.

  6. nadine

    Has pretty much everything you would need and maybe more, from a first aid kit. At first I had thought about putting one together myself for our school, but then getting all the stuff would end up being more expensive (unless you are building 20+ first aid kits or something).

    I did feel that the overall kit is just *slightly* bigger than expected, but then again, its pretty much the same size as any other “comprehensive” basic FAK that I’ve seen out there.

  7. Cynthia

    We were looking for a good all-around first aid kit for school earthquake preparedness. This kit meets and exceeds my needs and expectations flawlessly! It comes loaded with a wide variety of first aid supplies to handle many different situations one might encounter in an mass casualty disaster. What’s nice, is that each bag are contains enough quantity for each first aid team member, that would be very efficient in a time-sensitive situation. The quality of the products are very good and I have confidence they will do great for if and when time comes.

  8. stella

    As a nurse, I’m always disappointed with first aid kit that contains alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, these items are no longer recommended for open wound treatment. So whenever I see those supplies on a kit, I’m pretty sure that the maker of the kit is not informed about the latest first aid care. So when I found this kit, I was surprised that finally – someone made it right. I recommended it to my son’s school!

  9. john berhan

    Great product. Well selected medical supplies for mass casualty first aid care. I would using their school calculator, it was very helpful for our decision making.

  10. erica guzman

    This is a perfect first aid kit for mass casualty disaster for schools. Thanks for your guide too

  11. Amanda

    Our school is very happy with our purchase, unlike many other kits, there aren’t ridiculous amounts of band-aids, though there is a satisfactory amount. I would recommend this kit for elementary schools and pre-school.

  12. Nate

    Got this disaster first aid kit and the incident command post kit. Top notch quality. This kit is so well made and complete we’ll be ordering two more shortly!
    Thanks Wayne!

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