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Search & Rescue Kit – Team Leader Bag

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A realistic and practical solution for Earthquakes or other disasters.

This Search & Rescue Team Leader Bag has all contents that a team leader must have to successfully and safely perform a Light Urban Search & Rescue. It includes high-quality supplies for the rescuer’s safety and protection. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) has personally used these emergency tools in his service as a Fire Captain for more than 30 years.

Your Search & Rescue Group must have sub-teams that consist of multiple Search & Rescue Teams. Having multiple S&R Teams, you will be able to quickly search in different locations. Each S&R Team must have at least 1 Team Leader and 2 Team Members.

1 S&R Team Leader Bag for each of your Search & Rescue Team Leaders.

We highly recommend that you also get Individual Search & Rescue Safety Gear for each of your S&R Team Members and Stretchers. Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.


Our Light Urban Search & Rescue Kit is perfect for schools and CERT, BERT teams packed in a shoulder bag which provides easier access than backpacks. Over the shoulder bags allow the rescuer to be hands-free, and the bag never leaves the rescuers side. Backpacks end up being carried not on ones back, but rather by hand, and then set down only to be misplaced in the search environment.

Our hard hat comes with an adjustable ratchet for a perfect fit for every rescuer. We have included high-quality knee pads for protection from glass, sharp metal, and wood splinters while working and rescuing from the ground. Along with goggles for protection from airborne debris, we include dust masks. Tools include our 4-in-1 Utility shutoff tool that also serves as a digging and prying tool. It also contains a 15-inch pry bar for jammed doors and a window hammer for tempered glass windows.

One bag per team carried by the Team Leader, who controls the search effort and the tools.

Search and Rescue Kit Contents:

  • Hard hat
  • goggles
  • vest
  • dust masks
  • leather gloves
  • knee pads
  • marker
  • pry bar
  • door wedges
  • 4 in 1 utility shutoff
  • window hammer
  • duct tape
  • search rope
  • flashlight
  • light sticks
  • hazard tape
  • drinking water

Remember to purchase Individual Search & Rescue Safety Gear for each team member.

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Weight 10 lbs

3 reviews for Search & Rescue Kit – Team Leader Bag

  1. Gina Rivera

    Your calculator has helped a lot! Thanks for all the guide

  2. Rick Kennedy

    Finally, somebody that knows what there talking about when it comes to disaster preparedness. Captain Wayne Bennett is the real deal.
    Use his calculator. Get your supplies. Make no regrets.

  3. Kim Persen

    Captain Wayne teaches in a way that everyone can understand. His real world style really hit home with me. And with the help of his calculator, we were able to easily see what we need, already ordered search and rescue team leader kit. The content are all high quality. I recommend his workshop and their supplies for everyone.

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