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CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit

(15 customer reviews)


CPR mouth barrier provides Rescuer’s maximum protection.

This CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit will give the rescuer maximum protection from infectious diseases and bodily fluids while performing CPR.

CPR victims will almost always vomit or have fluids present in the mouth, so make sure you have protection with a mouth barrier when that happens. The double one-way valve on its mouthpiece makes sure there will be no fluids that will pass through to the rescuer.

Always carry this with you all the time. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) recommend attaching it to your car keys or carrying in your purse.

Be careful with cheap CPR Face Shields that use paper filters, this gives the rescuer’s minimum or ZERO protection.

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If you know how to do CPR, you probably know that breathing is still extremely important in saving a life and minimizing any brain damage. Of course your safety is the #1 priority. So a CPR mask that protects you from infectious diseases and bodily fluids while providing valuable breaths during CPR is invaluable.

BUT, watch out for those CPR mask with paper filters, those cheap overseas imported paper filter mask give you little or zero viral and bacterial protection.

The one I personally carry and have used while off duty has double one-way valves to provide for maximum protection and is the only American Made face shield with 2 valves on the market. It’s not the cheapest, but it is the BEST.

So always carry a CPR Face Shield Kit. Our kit includes Barrier Mask (two valves), Nitrile Gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe.

Our CPR Face Mask is the only American made CPR mouth to mouth barrier on the market. It is not the cheapest CPR face shield on the market, but it is the best. This Rondex CPR face shield is the only mouth barrier with Double One-Way Valve protection to prevent risk to the rescuer. That means, there are 2 one-way valves to protect you. There are no inferior paper filters. Paper filters offer you very little protection. When the paper becomes moist with one’s breath or a drop of body fluid, its protection drops by one-third. And so on. With a short bite piece, this CPR Face Shield will not hit the gag reflex and is safe to use on children down to one year in age.

Be cautious of all other inexpensive CPR face shields that are manufactured overseas. They are imported into the U.S. as novelty items and are not considered medical devices. They are basically toys and not suitable for protection from body fluids during CPR. When shopping make sure you get non-latex gloves and an Anti-microbial Wipe for your protection in your CPR Face Shield Keychain kit.

Why use a CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit?

Number one, it keeps the rescuer protected from infectious diseases and bodily fluids. It is the rescuers first line of defense. When a victim collapses to the ground, the last thing to hit the ground is their head. The odds of an injury to the face and mouth are huge. When you open the mouth, there may be blood present that you can’t even see. Then, when you ventilate the patient, the force of your breath can cause all of the contaminants to become airborne. Your mouth is extremely exposed and vulnerable to absorbing their fluids. Remember, this is not someone who is healthy, but rather injured, ill and or dying. Remember, keep your CPR certification current to maintain skills.

Key Features

  • Portable (actually fits in your pocket)
  • American made (only one in its category)
  • Double one-ways valves (again, only one)
  • Vinyl gloves included
  • Antimicrobial wipe
  • Fits on belt or keychain
  • Non-latex

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

15 reviews for CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit

  1. Michael

    This came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who says they are the best face shields he used. It was not cheap compared with other CPR mask, but when the product arrived, it was really good quality, it has double valve that really separates you from the mouth, and the airflow is really good. Highly recommend to my friends and to everyone who know how to do CPR.

  2. Zsa Zsa

    Soooo glad I watched your video about the type of CPR Face Shield, I can’t believe there is so many CPR face shield out there that is using paper filters as protection!!! Thanks Wayne!

  3. Isabelle

    Exactly what I wanted … These will now be attached to all my bags for “just in case” scenarios. Thanks Wayne

  4. Ellis

    Love it! Great little duty belt add on. Thank you Wayne!

  5. John

    Luckily I have not had to use one of these yet, but I tried to blew into the mouth piece and the airflow was fine. The keychain holder has held up nicely and I keep one on my keychain incase I ever need it.

  6. Jeffrey

    The quality of the CPR shield is really good! I tried to blow it and the direction of airflow is straight. I bought one for my daughter who is a nurse and I also carry one on my keychain.

  7. Danny

    Every one should have one. Very easy to use – much easier than trying to position a prone person correctly and then wonder about if you are getting enough air into their lungs and the potential worry about communicable diseases. With these masks, you simply blow into the vent like tube and it gives the victim more air than tradition mouth or mouth rescue breathing.

  8. Tim

    I bought this for an everyday carry for “just in case.” The kit is pretty simple, it contains a one way mask, a pair of medical gloves, alcohol wipes. Thanks Wayne!

  9. Jasmine

    I highly recommend this kit to anyone who know how to do CPR

  10. Dina

    Love this! Thanks Wayne. I work in the hospital so it comes handy, i have one on my car keys as well as my badge. Definitely will purchase again.

  11. Dean

    This is the best CPR mask! Great quality. So glad that I bought this.

  12. Jude

    No more waiting and worrying after doing CPR, carrying a mask EVERYWHERE like I should have the whole time.

  13. Paul

    Must have! Carrying this thing around definitely makes me feel safer. Excellent product. Thank you Wayne

  14. Mel

    Great material. Thank you Wayne! It’s wonderful to have access to high quality preparedness supplies.

  15. Matt

    This was highly suggested by one of your CPR students. He showed me his CPR kit that he purchase from your training. I was really impressed so I got one.

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